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"Hannah Oyewole is a social entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author of the new sensational book I Dare You. Hannah Oyewole has broken down barriers and set up her social enterprise Young Ladies Club, which is an empowerment and development company to challenge young women to step into their destinies"...

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I Dare You is a compilation of fundamental principles that is guaranteed to open your eyes to the process of achievement and real personal development. The book has twelve core chapters that discusses; vision, goal setting, fear versus faith, finances, health and much more.

This book is not a one-time reader and is complete with worksheets to help you write down your plans and goals for your life.

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Hannah Oyewole has worked with a number of clients in order to provide advice and guidance in their personal and professional life. Hannah Oyewole has helped her clients find their true purpose and calling in life, create vision boards, set short term, mid-term and long term goals and kick start their businesses.

Individuals have chosen to work with Hannah Oyewole because of her relatable and motivational style.

Hannah Oyewole has conducted various training programmes and has spoken on a number of platforms to encourage and motivate people in their lives.

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Client Testimonials

Taking new steps towards her entrepreneurial journey

Taking new steps towards her entrepreneurial journey


“I met Hannah when she came to my university to give a talk about Young Ladies Club. I was really impressed with what Young Ladies Club does for young women. Right now I am currently working on my business Younifyed which is an academic network for university students within the United Kingdom.


Hosting & Motivational Speaking

Hannah Oyewole is a highly sought after motivational speaker who has graced various platforms encouraging and inspiring audiences with her message on personal development and achievement.

Hannah’s unique and empowering style has enabled her to host business seminars and events, as well as speaking within local community centres, universities and more.

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